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Coffee addicts Guide to Elwood
Ormond Rd, Elwood
28 Mar 2019

Coffee addicts of Melbourne don’t mess around when it comes to a good brew. Tasting notes, temperature, even the ceramics and interior decor can make or break a fabulous coffee drinking experience. If you’re visiting the suburb of Elwood, check out our list of the best Elwood cafes serving up suburb coffee that will impress even the pickiest of self-proclaimed coffee addicts. Our list is even friendly towards your non-coffee drinking friends. Check them out as soon as you can.

Coffee addicts guide to

Combi Elwood
138-140 Ormond Rd, Elwood VIC 3184
6:30-4pm Mon-Sat, 7am-4pm Sun.

Combi Elwood is the place to come for Melbourne coffee lovers who have picked up the health bug. The owners have a background in integrative nutrition and health coaching and have weaved these values deep into the ethos of their cafe and the choices they make in choosing ingredients. What started as a coffee van serving up drinks at festivals and markets is now a thriving cafe, providing Elwood residents with their daily nourishment. The coffee served at Combi is a blend of organic beans, all fair trade, with medium-strong flavour that has just a hint of sweetness. They do roasting every Monday and coffees are made with a double shot as a standard. They do serve a decaf option which is a premium Mexican bean that has gone through the swiss water treatment to avoid methylene chloride and ethyl acetate that appears in other types of decaf coffee.

Coffee addicts guide to Elwood

Just as important as the beans in the coffee is the milk that is added if you’re not going black. The cafe has a vegan emphasis but offer Shultz Milk that is from an organic and biodynamic farm in Timboon and has no pesticides or hormones. If you’re dairy free you can go for Bonsoy, coconut milk, or Combi’s homemade almond milk. If you’re bringing along non-coffee drinkers, they also have a fantastic selection of matcha, chai, hot chocolate, and delicious cold-pressed juices. Check out their full menu here.

Coffee addicts guide to Elwood

Miss Alex & Co.
85 Brighton Rd, Elwood VIC 3184
5am-3:45 pm daily.

Amidst the commuting traffic on Brighton Road is the adorable Miss Alex & Co. which serves as a little oasis for you to step into, out of the hustle bustle outside. This spot is also a popular gathering place for bicyclists to fuel up before they head off for their daily ride. Coffee addicts in Melbourne know that the interior of a cafe is nearly as important as what’s inside the cup (well, almost), and this cafe definitely doesn’t disappoint. Sip your brew amongst the lovely cream walls and exposed brick with naked timber tables and accents. The two siblings that own the cafe chose Rosso Roasting Co to supply them with their delicious coffee beans, supporting a rather traditional Melbourne coffee menu. Your non-coffee friends might go for a Prana Chai or decadent Mork Chocolate.

Coffee addicts guide to Elwood

Little Sunflower Cafe
15 Ormond Road, Elwood
Tues-Sun 6:30-4pm.

Drinking coffee and making ethical consumer choices are almost on par these day in Melbourne hospitality culture. If you can relate to both of those sentiments, Little Sunflower Cafe is a perfect choice for your daily caffeine hit. On the website they proudly display their support for “artisan, organic, seasonal, wildcrafted, handcrafted, sustainable, free range, ethical, and nutrient dense produce”. What a statement! They serve up Allpress coffee who promote waste reduction and responsible packaging while emphasising community and positive relationships with the cafes who use their coffee. At Little Sunflower cafe you can choose organic milk, coconut, soy, or almond, and enjoy reverse osmosis alkalized water on the side. Visit their website here.

Coffee addicts guide to Elwood

Plain Sailing
144 Ormond Road, Elwood
Mon-Fri 7:00 am- 4:00 pm, Sat-Sun 7-4:00 pm.

Plain Sailing is a cruisy bayside venue that has been popular ever since its opening, and has an appropriately long queue on the weekends. The locals say it’s well worth it though so if you can’t make it on a weekday don’t give up yet! Straight to the point, the coffee is blended in-house using Niccolo Coffee, which is a Melbourne roasting company with Italian influence producing a full flavoured, medium roast coffee with elegance. Plain sailing makes cold brew, batch brew, and all the normal white and black options. They source their almond and coconut milks from Milklab and soy from Bonsoy. If you’re a single origin purist, let your waiter know and they’ll take care of you. As always, your strange non-coffee friends will also be well looked after. They’ve got milk and dark Mork hot chocolate, Raja chai lattes hot or iced, turmeric lattes from Golden Grind, and an exciting list of organic teas including blends with names like “floral fields”, “Black velvet”, and “winter toddy”. This is a sure win for Elwood coffee addicts. Check out their full menu here.

Coffee addicts guide to Elwood

Bookmark this page for the next time you’re in Elwood looking for that perfect brew and make sure you never have a bad coffee again.