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St Kilda Ferry
Port Melbourne Station Pier in Front of Mr Hobsons Café

10am - 5pm

Commuter trial 

20 Feb 2019

Whether you’re looking for a nice day out, or simply looking to get from one side of the bay to the other, leave the stress of driving in Melbourne’s heavy traffic behind with a trip on St Kilda Ferry.

Relax as you take in the sights of Melbourne of Melbourne from a unique perspective with a journey on the St Kilda Ferry. Board the Costal Flyer from any of our Beacon Cover, Port Melbourne, St Kilda Pier and Gem Pier Williamstown.

St Kilda Ferry Port Melbourne

Currently undertaking a Commuter Trial – travel to and from work with St Kilda Ferry. Running Monday to Wednesday.

Aiming to provide commuters who work between Williamstown and Port Melbourne with a fast, enjoyable and scenic option for travelling to and from work. Arriving in Port Melbourne the 109 tram from Port Melbourne arrives at the Casino in just 8 minutes, or Spring Street in 22 minutes

St Kilda Ferry Port Melbourne

This trial will generate information for a business case to establish a regular weekday commuter ferry service that will connect Williamstown and Port Melbourne, bringing together two of Victoria’s significant tourism regions and meeting demand for easier commuter access to public transport to the centre of Melbourne.

The commuter ferry route would comprise a 7 to 15 minute (11 minutes on average) 3 kilometre passage across the mouth of the Yarra River between Williamstown and Port Melbourne. It would provide a unique experience in the Melbourne context by linking two destinations without the need to pass through the centre of Melbourne.

St Kilda Ferry Port Melbourne

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