Unwinded – Rhysics and Charging Stallion - Things To Do - Port Phillip, Melbourne
Unwinded – Rhysics and Charging Stallion
11 The Esplanade
St Kilda
Unwinded presents a night of '60s garage rock and surf. Rhysics are a another half decent melbourne synth punk band but with a twist: this one has a guy with a straight fringe fronting the band. Over the years the band has evolved through many forms with the current lineup starring members from Swim Team, Jarrow, pting and Canada’s The Pink Flowers. Be sure to bring a raincoat because when Rhysics play it rains beer. Charging Stallion are a seven-piece pub rock band. their live shows are notoriously loud, energetic and umm.. bananas? Is that a good word? You get it. Stallion have played alongside great bands such as Pist Idiots, Amyl and The Sniffers and Dumb Punts and the singers have a weekly podcast (of course) where they cover the odd news of the world, called ‘News We Like’.
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