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6 beautiful walks in the City of Port Phillip
6 beautiful walks in the City of Port Phillip
City of Port Phillip
15 Jul 2019

6 beautiful walks in the City of Port Phillip

Whether you’re going out with friends for an active weekend catch-up or taking advantage of some much-needed solo time through the week, take in some fresh air with a nice long walk. These are six walks that we highly recommend taking around the City of Port Phillip.

1. Immigrants Trail

This four kilometre walk presents the perfect opportunity to visit key sites related to Port Phillip’s immigrant history. Starting at the entrance to Station Pier, this trail celebrates the contribution of early settlers and immigrants to the City of Port Phillip.  
As you journey along the walk, you’ll move past the Liardet Memorial and the Exchange Hotel, before finishing at the immaculate former Swallow and Ariell Steam Biscuit Manufactory.

2. Foreshore Trail

This 11 km walk highlights the gorgeous City of Port Phillip foreshore, starting at Perc White Reserve in Port Melbourne. On this trail, you’ll be able to see beachside highlights such as Kerferd Road Pier and the lush Catani Gardens in St Kilda.
This invigorating foreshore trek journey will take you right to the boundary between the City of Port Phillip and the City of Bayside. Finishing at Head Street right by the beach, you’ll see Tony Hutchinson’s magnificent coloured tiles depicting Hobsons Bay’s rich history.

3. Solar System Trail

If you’re astronomically inclined, you might be eager to explore a one-to-one billion scaled trip from St Kilda to Port Melbourne. Instead of travelling 5.9 billion kms worth of steps for mankind, you can walk a much easier 5.9 km from the sun sculpture near St Kilda Skate Park.
From there, you’ll travel to Pluto/Port Melbourne, and follow a perfectly scaled trail to visit the eight planets along the foreshore. If you’re interested in discovering more about our solar system with perfect views of the sky above, this may be the walk for you.
Solar System Trail - Saturn

4. Around Elwood Village

Explore the rich history of Elwood on this lovely four kilometre walk. On the walk, take advantage of magnificent views from the foreshore, or discover historical sites such as the Ormond Mansions and the Windermere apartments. This exploration of Elwood will help you see first-hand the rich history and culture that makes the suburb popular with locals and visitors alike.

5. To market to market: the heart of a village

One of the more historic sites of the City of Port Phillip, the South Melbourne Market, remains a must-visit. Whether you’re adventuring from across Melbourne, an international tourist, or a local purchasing weekly produce, the market precinct provides a fantastic walking experience. The South Melbourne Market is open: Wednesday 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm.
With opportunities to wander past the Mechanics’ Institute, George Hotel and the many vibrant nooks of the South Melbourne Market, this walk is a true sensory discovery.

6. David Wood’s South Melbourne

Starting at Canterbury Road and finishing at St Kilda Road, this walk is a great one to complete while looking at David Wood’s historic 1888 photos. Taking in South Melbourne from behind the lens of David Wood will give you a real feel of what the area was like over 100 years ago.

Explore more trails around the City of Port Phillip

These are just a handful of the exciting walks to experience yourself around the City of Port Phillip. From Elwood to Albert Park, discover what other exciting journeys you can experience around the City Of Port Phillip. If you’re after more adventurous activities throughout our city and community, start exploring today.