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South Melbourne has so many different events. The world famous South Melbourne Market which offers all kinds of different events on top of the amazing market days. Such as the South Melbourne Market Night Market and Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival
South Melbourne is also full of live music events, food and wine experiences, cultural and art classes and galleries. Connecting the Melbourne CBD all the way through to South Melbourne Beach. 

Affordable Wedding Exhibition - South Melbourne
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South Melbourne

Planning your perfect wedding can be expensive, so this very special event is catered just for you. By attending this event you can have your perfect wedding day whilst saving time and money.
Yes, you can have the same fabulous services and products from this selection of Melbourne’s finest wedding service providers but at a discounted price, without sacrificing the quality of your event.
Imagine what you could do with all the money you will be saving, enjoy a honeymoon, put it towards a deposit for your house or a new car, splurge on something you couldn’t previously afford. Your friends will be amazed at how much you’ve been able to achieve on your budget.
There is a limited number of free tickets available via our website. Gets yours today, before they are all gone.

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