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The City of Port Phillip municipality is historically recognised as Melbourne’s playground; a natural gathering point for the city due to its unique places, people and cultural heritage. Never has this been more true than today, when the municipality, and particularly its foreshore, is highly sought after real estate for events. Port Phillip’s assets, both natural and built – along with its proximity to the CBD and its renowned hospitality centres – make it one of Melbourne’s innate gathering places. Council’s own proud history of producing large scale, world class events with extraordinary levels of participation and engagement combine with the municipality’s popularity as an event site to bring the City of Port Phillip an enviable position within metropolitan Melbourne.



To build an annual events calendar that is bold, engaging, welcoming and unique to the City of Port Phillip; connected to our people, places, businesses and culture. Our events will build community engagement, economic development and visitation while maintaining local liveability and amenity.
Council aims to be an events-ready municipality, with the ability and agility to sustain our visitors and a diverse calendar of events, while supporting the community and municipality as hosts and minimising any potential disruption.