Multifuturism – Cool Out Sun and The Senegambian Jazz Band - Events - Port Phillip, Melbourne
Multifuturism – Cool Out Sun and The Senegambian Jazz Band
11 The Esplanade
Saint Kilda
Join for a night that fuses Afro jazz, deep world music beats, and funk to create some truly awe-inspiring rhythms and melodies, perfect to get cha body moving. Senegambian Jazz Band. It is nearly impossible to describe in words, a world act that covers so much ground in a single performance. Trying to explain their musical spirit is like trying to paint an ethereal and intensely beautiful dream. Some clues reside in the band’s heritage. Their members, hailing from Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia and Australia somewhat convey a groove characteristic of each of their cultural backgrounds, although their places of birth and artistic development only provide us with a clue into the underlying foundations in which this empire was built. Constructed around the framework of jazz and a deep world beat, elements of their music seem to combine the improvisational spirit, found at the core of 1960s Miles Davis and wild raging fire of Jimi Hendrix at his most free, unorthodoxed and true. Before you ask, that instrument leading the band is a Kora (African Harp) diligently played by the virtuosic Amadou Suso.