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St Kilda Botanical Gardens
Garden is accessed via Blessington, Tennyson, Dickens and Herbert Streets St Kilda

Open between sunrise and sunset seven days a week

22 Feb 2018

These historic Gardens have their origins at the very beginning of St Kilda. In November 1859, only two years after the first Council elections (1857), the St Kilda Council, wishing to beautify the rapidly developing suburb, voted to set aside these 16 acres of land for the purpose of a Botanical Garden.

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Registered with Heritage Victoria, the gardens contain 810 mature tree specimens eight of which are on the significant tree register. In the 1950s the Alister Clarke Rose Garden was established and a Sub-Tropical Rain-forest conservatory added in the early 1990's.

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Seasonal displays and local indigenous plants provide a valuable collection to study or sit alongside enjoying a picnic.

The St Kilda Botanical Gardens attracts a wide variety of bird and animal life.  Andrew McCutcheon of Earthcare St Kilda and Neil Blake, Coordinator of the Eco Centre have recorded resident and visiting species sighted since the beginning of this century.

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The gardens also feature;

• Two historic glasshouses
• Local native species trail along Herbert Street
• Sub-tropical rain forest conservatory
• Rotunda
• Playground
• Giant chessboard and chess tables
• Eco Centre