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Local Hero: Gasworks Art Park (Rebecca Garfield)
Local Hero: Gasworks Art Park (Rebecca Garfield)
21 Graham Street, Albert Park

Daily: 9am - 4pm

24 Jul 2019

Local Hero: Gasworks Art Park (Rebecca Garfield)

A resident at Gasworks Art Park since April this year, Rebecca Garfield has used The Showcase Studio to broaden her connection with her local community. From here, Rebecca has brought her drawing talents to detailed prints that are perfect for children’s bedrooms. We chatted to Rebecca about her involvement at Gasworks and her background as an artist.

Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park

Hi Rebecca! Tell us a little about your background

“I’m not a formally trained artist, however it’s always been a creative passion of mine since high school. I studied fashion design at RMIT and had a successful career in fashion retail. A career change allowed me to find balance between my home life and a need to express myself creativity.

By combining my business acumen with my artistic skills, I developed my fine art print business, State of Eden, in April 2017. 

I sell fine art prints of my works, such as animals and botanicals. I don’t currently sell original works through my online space, but I do offer original works at Gasworks (along with my prints and greeting cards).”

How did you come to be at Gasworks?

“I stumbled across the studio while scooter riding with my youngest son. I was on the hunt for a space to work, so I enquired about any available area, and there was one open for application! The space was perfect, and I applied. After a nervous wait, I was accepted into the perfect space for my budget and location – it felt like fate was holding my hand.”

How would you describe being a resident at Gasworks?

“It’s been fantastic so far. I love to chat and meet people, so having an open studio right next to the cafe has been such a welcome change to the isolated dining room table I use to work at! The connection with the community and with other artists has been inspirational. 

In my time at Gasworks, I have definitely seen more and more engagement with the community and a diverse range of arts based events and activities being offered.”

How has your experience been at the Gasworks Farmers Market?

“I have done many markets in my time and I love doing them. But there is definitely something special about having one in your own neighbourhood. I love that friends drop in and that there is no packing up and unpacking. I can just throw open the doors and the community are free to wander in.”

What new material are you working on for the future?

“I’m currently looking into making my own paints with natural pigments, and exploring the human figure – I can see this leading into kids workshops, so keep an eye out for those!

For State of Eden, I am working on some Christmas cards and gift tag designs, along with some more native animal artworks for the Christmas holiday period.”  

Uncover the artistic side of Port Phillip

You can visit Rebecca and The Showcase Studio every Tuesday and Friday, or you can catch her at the Farmers Market, which runs on the third Saturday of every month.

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Gasworks Art Park
21 Graham Street, Albert Park
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Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5 pm