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Immigrants Trail
Station Pier, Port Melbourne
07 Mar 2019

This Trail celebrates the contribution to the City of Port Phillip by immigrants and settlers. For many of these new arrivals, Station Pier was their first landfall in Australia after long and hazardous journeys by sea. This shipping trade has left its historic imprint on Port Melbourne, which retains many public buildings from settlement days. In 1835 colonial settlers from Tasmania arrived by ship seeking new pastures for the British wool trade. Other immigrants followed, particularly English, Scottish and Irish, travelling in wind-powered ships on extraordinary journeys round the Cape of Good Hope and through the Rip. The Gold Rush in 1851 brought a huge influx of eager immigrants, including Chinese, from all over the world. Post-war migration saw hundreds of thousands of new arrivals, many from southern and eastern Europe, first setting foot on Australian shores at Station Pier, seeking refuge from persecution, war and economic hardship. Later arrivals from Asia, Africa and other continents have added to the diverse multicultural community that enlivens the City of Port Phillip today. 

Developed by Meyer Eidelson.

Immigrants Trail, Port Melbourne

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