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Get Crafty At Home With Art Activities
Get Crafty At Home With Art Activities
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11 Jun 2020

While you’re spending more time at home, it can be tough to find ideas to stay busy – especially with children. The good news is that St Kilda art icon, Linden New Art, has loads of fun online arts and crafts activities to keep you and the kids entertained. 

Make art in the kitchen 

Linden New Art’s curator, Juliette Hanson, has a beautiful (and delicious) activity with hidden meaning for the kitchen. Having completed her Master’s thesis on renowned artist, Jackson Pollock, Blue Poles was the final chapter. Blueberry Poles is inspired by the same drip technique used in Pollock’s key work. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 
•    Blueberries
•    Ready-made custard
•    Plain yoghurt
•    Pureed strawberries. 

From here, you can prep your background and get cracking on your edible artwork. Kids will have a blast splashing colours together. It’s a great sensory activity for young children. And since it’s all food, it’s totally toxin-free. 

Try the Blueberry Poles art activity.

Create your own 3D horse

The white horse of famous Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly, inspires this home crafts activity. In artist Jacqui Stockdale’s exhibition, The Long Shot, she made a life-sized horse sculpture of Ned’s horse, Music.

Now, you can follow Jacqui as she helps you create your own mini horse sculpture at home.  

With a video and easy step-by-step instructions to guide you, you can create your own 3D horse. Be sure to upload and tag @linden_new_art and @jacquistockdale on Instagram. Or, share your artwork on Linden New Arts’ website

Play with placement and found object sculptures 

Jonathan Kim is an artist who is fascinated by the relationship between objects and the environment they inhabit. This activity requires a bit of deep thinking, so maybe it’s best for older kids or adults. 

Found objects sculptures is Jonathan’s home activity for the pensive folk out there.

This activity takes inspiration from his 2020 Encounter exhibition.    

You can carefully play with the placement of your hand-selected objects and see what the arrangement says to you. Use Jonathan’s photo examples as a guide to get started. 

Bring your favourite animal to life with a flora sculpture 

Autumn floral sculptures is a home activity inspired by artist Leigh Maguire’s Heads or Tails (2016) exhibition. Autumn may be just behind us, but there’s still plenty of colourful leaves to play with. 

Find a small collection of natural materials from your background, such as petals, grass, sticks, seeds and bark. Then, using card, scissors, glue, tweezers and a picture of your favourite animal, create your animal depiction. 

(Tip: The artist recommends you start with the body of the animal). 

Turn any object at home into art

Object art is a creative home activity inspired by international, award-winning artist, Christoph Niemann. He’s known for using real-life objects (for example, a paintbrush) and draws something around it, such as a dress. 

Simply grab an object in your home, and sketch something around it to create something new. Check out Linden New Art’s website for some inspiration. 

For example, a battery could become a scuba diver’s oxygen pack. This art activity is perfect for adults and kids of all ages. 

Getting creative at home  

With Linden New Art’s fabulous online resources, you can get those creative juices flowing at home. 

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