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19 Sep 2019

Dr Elaine Sung of Doctors of South Melbourne has fallen head over heels for this vibrant suburb. Having worked in South Melbourne since opening her GP practice in late 2017, Elaine loves nothing more than exploring what’s on offer.

“I’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing local sights and sounds,” Elaine said with a glint of yearning in her eye. “When friends tell me about somewhere I haven’t been to or even heard of, my FOMO is off the charts!”

We recently sat down with Elaine to ask her about her favourite places to shop, eat and relax around South Melbourne.

Doctor Elaine South Melbourne

My Favourite Places in South Melbourne

South Melbourne Market

I take every chance I can get, and make every excuse in the book, to head across the road to the markets. There’s just so much to see (and buy!).

The freshness and variety of the fruit and veggies are like nothing I’ve seen anywhere in the world. My family can’t wait for me to get home on Fridays with goodies for the weekend.


Dessert heaven is just around the corner from work on Coventry Street. If you haven’t been to Bibelot, do yourself a favour!

I’m talking petits gateaux, gelato and sorbet, and macrons to die for. With all good intentions, these sweet treats rarely make it back to the clinic. Sharing is optional when it comes to such delicacies, right?

Coventry Street Boutiques

There’s some serious shopping to be done along Coventry Street – especially between Cecil and Clarendon streets. It seems every time I walk along the strip, something new catches my eye in a shop or boutique.

I could easily spend hours browsing in the likes of Bon Emil, Sia Collection and The Super Cool. I recently bought a beautiful painting for home at Zachloe Lifestyle which gets comments every time we have visitors.

South Melbourne Beach

Whenever the rare opportunity presents itself to do a bit of exercise during lunch, I take a stroll to the beach.

Melbourne beaches don’t have the best reputation, which I think is a bit unfair. I adore South Melbourne’s beach as it’s clean and is the perfect distance for a walk to and from the clinic.

Bellota Wine Bar

We’re spoiled for choice with quality local restaurants. In fact, on weekends I regularly trek from home on the ‘other side of the river’ to dine in South Melbourne.

Bellota Wine Bar on Bank Street is a stand-out for me. It’s part of the Prince Wine Store. You can choose a bottle from the thousands on offer and bring it a few steps to your table.

We recently had a work dinner at Bellota where they treated us to some of the tastiest seafood dishes imaginable. Their charcuterie and cheese selection were also stars of the night.

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