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Bodhi & Ride
416/418 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Daily: 6.15am - 7.30pm

26 Mar 2018

Bodhi & Ride is Melbourne’s premiere sweat fest. This is the place to take friends because it showcases one of Melbourne’s flashiest workouts. Powered by incredible soundtracks, expert staff and mind blowing ambiance, this spot is totally unique and totally addictive.

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The instructors make each class more and more addictive; they are energetic, skillful and knowledgeable. Throughout the ride they shout words of encouragement and also walk around to give riding tips to keep you performing optimally.

Explore Port Phillip

There’s a lot to love about this sleek boutique studio: the Kanye vs Rihanna or the Beyonce themed rides, the unique architecture, the warm community feeling and of course, the workouts. Bodhi and Ride is located at the top end of Bay Street in Port Melbourne and right near some of the areas best cafe’s full of scrumptious treats that shouldn’t fully cancel out your spin effort.

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Who’s riding: Riders travel from all across Melbourne for Bodhi & Ride

Enjoyableness: 5/5

Ambiance: 5/5

Music: 5/5

Perks: Complimentary shoe rental and individual attention. Various room ambiance settings from candlelight to dark rides. Radiant retreat upstairs offering yoga. Close to the beach and some of Melbourne’s best local cafe’s. 

Explore Port Phillip