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Balderdash Cafe
295 Bay St, Port Melbourne

7am - 4pm
7 Days

20 Feb 2019

Located in the midst of chic Bay St, corner of Bridge St, Port Melbourne, you find beautiful, 19th century heritage listed former pub, the Balderdash Cafe, originally opened in late 2010.

Their custom made Synesso espresso machine is a sight to behold. Balderdash sources their beans from one of Melbourne’s most renown coffee roasters "Five Senses". We create our very own custom blend from a variety of different single origins to create an amazing, balanced coffee. 

Balderdash Port Melbourne

What makes their coffee so good, the use of multiple brew methods to best showcase all the unique and subtle flavour nuances of the beans pays off. They use a refractometer and extract mojo software to measure the amount of coffee which is contained in the brewed cup. They offer three different coffee pours (espresso, cold drip and filter). Together with some of Melbourne’s most ornate latte art in a perfectly extracted flat white. Complicated, yes, obviously worth the trouble after easily consuming two or three coffees in one sitting. 

Balderdash Port Melbourne

In addition to this experience they offer eight varieties of milks to suit any pallet from Milk Lab. The Chai leaves are sourced from Calmer Sutra and the teas are sourced from Larsen and Thompson Teas. 

The cafe has grown in popularity as a business hub, holding interviews and meetings. WiFi in-house.

Experience and enjoy the old-world charm, simple food and friendly welcome with lots of smiles and laugher. Family friendly and pet friendly. 

Balderdash Port Melbourne