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Hunky Dory Fish & Chips
Shop 3, 181 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

11am – late

26 Oct 2018

Inspired by almost 90 years of fishing on the Greek Islands, Hunky Dory was established in 2004 as a family business with a vision of offering healthier seafood options along with the more traditional fish and chips. Whether it’s a delicious grilled fillet of Salmon or Whiting, Greek or super salad and a healthy serve of brown rice, there’s something for everyone.  

Hunky Dory, Port Melbourne
Traditionally fish and chips have been a take away food, Hunky Dory wanted to create a comfortable and casual setting where customers could dine in and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with their food. 

Hunky Dory, Port Melbourne
Hunky Dory takes pride in preparing and cooking fresh, tasty and healthy meals made to order. Their mouthwatering seafood is delicious and tasty, incorporating unique marinades and sauces that will keep you coming back. Their menu provides many healthy options such as grilled fish and wholesome salads to create a perfectly balanced meal, in addition to the old fried favorites such as those featured in their Old School Pack. 

Hunky Dory, Port Melbourne
There are currently ten Hunky Dory Fish & Chip restaurants around Melbourne and has become a Melbourne institution. 

Hunky Dory, Port Melbourne
As a family owned business with over 150 employees, Hunky Dory is committed to ensuring they continue to keep their family culture, so everyone feels the love, support and respect their family provides.  To help reiterate this to their team, they participate in national initiatives, which include Father Bob Maguire Foundation, Movember, Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, HoMie and ADA Australia Training. 
Hunky Dory offer in-store eating as well as take-out – dine in the atmosphere is modern, funky and friendly – with the choice of outside or indoor seating. The meals you receive are well prepared and decorated to the ‘seafood’ theme with sauces served in clam shells ect. The meals are instagramable – with hundreds being tagged on Instagram with the tag #hunkylove. Take out offer the same quality meals decorated with nice modern packaging and easy paper carry bag so that you can stroll on down 10 minutes to the beach to enjoy Hunky’s at the pier. Either way, people are always impressed with the quality and quantity of a Hunky’s meal.