The Guilty Moose
The Guilty Moose
143 Victoria Avenue Albert Park

Monday to Saturday: 7am - 4pm
Sunday: 8am - 4pm

31 Jan 2018

Locally roasted coffee beans from Padre in Brunswick hit the coffee hobs at The Guilty Moose within 7 days of roasting so you can get the best cup every time.

The Padre coffee beans aren’t the only locally sourced ingredient for your cup of ‘pick me up’, for the diary drinkers, The Guilty Moose uses St David Dairy fresh milk, direct from the farm and bottled in Fitzroy at a Micro-Dairy.

Local and fresh coffee ingredients are only the start for the Guilty Moose, Their food menu has been built by ex-chef of Attica, Jason Chong, you will find fresh, honest food with hints of fine dining that show his experience, skill and knowledge.

The courtyard is a calm relaxed setting for any day and with the beach just steps away, you can often find often local beach goers and beach volleyball players before a game for their caffeine fix, and after a game to refuel.