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Summer At Gasworks With Ben Storch
Summer At Gasworks With Ben Storch
21 Graham Street, Albert Park

Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5pm

23 Dec 2019

Summer at Gasworks with Ben Storch

Gasworks Art Park has had wonderful artists use their facilities to produce simply brilliant pieces of work throughout the years, with Ben Storch being no different.

After studying in the UK, Storch moved to Melbourne with his wife eight years ago, quickly drawing the attention from the powers-that-be at Gasworks with his exceptional sheet metal pieces.

As Gasworks ramps up into the summer break, Storch revealed how he’s embraced the unique creative space offered to him at Albert Park.

Albert Park Gasworks

In fluid motion  

With a love for ancient metal work from Incans, Middle Eastern and Celtic cultural spheres, Storch learned the trades of a blacksmith while moving into jewellery.

“I thought I’d be working more with semi-functional objects, but I moved into the more fluid and geometric works,” Storch said.

Storch’s work envisages visual representations of sound and dynamic systems from physics principles, with pieces featured in hotels like The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. Also appearing at exhibitions such as Sculpture by the Sea, Storch’s dynamic sculptures are truly a sight to behold.

Currently, Storch’s latest project is working on the Gasworks Art Park gate, with trees a large visual focus for the structure. While Storch admitted it’s quite “different to be working on figurative or semi-figurative work”, he’s enjoying the task and giving back to a Gasworks community that welcomed him with open arms.

Albert Park Gasworks

A feeling of community

Right from the beginning, Storch has felt the energy and creativity that buzzes in Gasworks. “Being amongst other artists and in a community that really values the arts, it’s great to be in this space,” Storch said.

Working with and around other passionate artists is what gives Gasworks such a communal vibe, which has helped Storch flourish.

“I think I’ve done some of my best work here at Gasworks. Being here has led to some great collaborations, as there’s so much great art to come out of this space, from current and past artists,” he said.

Albert Park Gasworks

Embracing the area

Living mere minutes away, Storch has loved being in the Albert Park area and embracing what the City of Port Phillip has to offer.

“It’s wonderful to be a walk away from the beach. We’re just around the corner from the village, so while it’s not great for our bank balance, there’s plenty of coffee shops and great restaurants,” Storch said.

Working at Gasworks is a far cry from Storch’s old stable-based studio in Wales, where sheep experienced the noisy consequences of working with sheet metal.

This summer, Storch invites everyone to come and see some of the terrific work on offer, highlighting how “there’s a lot to see and learn”, from the artists and films on display.

“If all of the current or past artists could put all of our work out in the park, it would blow people’s minds,” Storch exclaimed, paying great respect to who has come before at Gasworks, and his contemporaries who are in residence now.

With the monthly Farmers’ Market and a wide range of kids' programs, Gasworks Art Park is a must-see destination over the summer holidays. Explore our latest blog posts to see what the City of Port Phillip has to offer you.


Gasworks Art Park
21 Graham Street, Albert Park
8606 4200

Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5 pm